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Calibration Check Beads

Supplied in 1kg packs - These beads are to be used for performance checks, together with a set of master sieves.

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Glass Check Beads
Part NumberBead DiameterAmount
SV1000.0 to 0.050mm$92.60
SV1020.040 to 0.070mm0.00
SV1040.070 to 0.110mm0.00
SV1060.090 to 0.150mm0.00
SV1080.100 to 0.200mm0.00
SV1100.150 to 0.250mm0.00
SV1120.200 to 0.300mm0.00
SV1140.250 to 0.500mm0.00
SV1160.400 to 0.600mm0.00
SV1180.500 to 0.750mm0.00
SV1200.750 to 1.000mm0.00
SV1221 .000 to 1 .230mm0.00
SV1241 .250 to 1 .550mm0.00
SV1261.550 to 1.850mm0.00
SV1281.700 to 2.000mm0.00
SV1302.000 to 2.400mm0.00
SV1342.400 to 2.900mm0.00
Part NumberBead DiameterAmount
SV1362.850 to 3.300mm0.00
SV1383.300 to 3.600mm0.00
SV1402.0mm +/ - 0.1mm0.00
SV1423.1mm +/- 0.1mm0.00
SV1444.0mm +/ - 0.3mm0.00
SV1464.5mm +/ - 0.3mm0.00
SV1485.0mm +/ - 0.3mm0.00
SV1506.0mm +/ - 0.3mm0.00
SV1527.0mm +/ - 0.3mm0.00
SV1548.0mm +/ - 0.4mm0.00
SV1569.0mm +/ - 0.4mm0.00
SV15810.0mm +/ - 0.5mm0.00
SV16011.0mm +/ - 0.5mm0.00
SV16212.0mm +/ - 0.5mm0.00
SV16414.0mm +/ - 0.5mm0.00
SV16616.0mm +/ - 0.5mm0.00

There is no higher guarantee of quality and compliance than UKAS Certification. Ideal as a master reference when calibrating your working sieves.

CMT Equipment offers UK sieve with UKAS accreditation for the calibration of both plate type & woven wire type test sieves.