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Trust our 100% ISO 3310/1 and UKAS certified sieves with your research, and your reputation. Our stainless steel woven wire, round and square hole perforated plate sieves provide precision particle separation, from 20μm to125mm. Trust our laboratory test sieves for separating, grading and analysing particle sizes with reliable results.




Why Choose CMT Certified Sieves


Sieve certification involves measuring and analysing the mesh openings and wire diameters in woven wire sieve cloth or perforated plate. During this process, specific openings and wires are examined, and statistical calculations are performed to determine whether the requirements specified by ISO have been met. The mesh-certified test sieve ensures precise particle size analysis, crucial for maintaining high standards in laboratory and industrial settings. Lab test sieves undergo rigorous certification to guarantee mesh accuracy and quality.


Why Sieve Certification is Important


  • Assurance of Quality: Sieve certification verifies that a sieve meets internationally recognised standards.
  • Reliability in Results: Ensures consistent, repeatable test outcomes essential for research and quality control.
  • Compliance with Standards: Meets requirements of UKAS and ISO 3310, crucial for laboratories across the globe.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Certified equipment boosts the integrity of your laboratory's findings.


Choosing A Scientific Sieve


When selecting a certified sieve, consider the specific needs of your application. We offer a range of ISO 3310 certified test sieves made from 100% stainless steel, suitable for chemical, mineral, and geotechnical laboratories. These sieves ensure precision and are designed to meet the stringent requirements of various scientific fields.

75mm Diameter Scientific Sieve

Ideal for small-scale tests, the 75mm diameter sieve is suitable for laboratory settings where space is limited or when testing small sample quantities. BUY NOW

100mm Diameter Scientific Sieve

This sieve balances sample size and manageability, making it suitable for medium-volume testing. BUY NOW

200mm Diameter Scientific Sieve

A standard size in many laboratories, the 200mm sieve is versatile enough to handle larger sample sizes while still providing accurate particle size analysis. BUY NOW

300mm Diameter Scientific Sieve

Designed for high-volume testing, this sieve accommodates larger samples, reducing the need for multiple tests during bulk material analysis. BUY NOW

450mm Diameter Scientific Sieve

The largest of the range, the 450mm sieve is essential for industrial-grade testing where large aggregate sizes and substantial sample volumes are standard. BUY NOW

Why Choose CMT and


Our reputation for superior craftsmanship makes us the leader in scientific sieve supply in Australia.


  • Extensive Experience: Over 15 years supplying certified sieves to the industrial and scientific fields.
  • Wide Range: We're sieve specialists, so we produce precision sieves to your requirements.
  • Quality Assurance: All our sieves meet UKAS and ISO 3310 standards.
  • Customer-centric: We value feedback and continuously improve based on your insights.


CMT Equipment stands out as Australia's leading supplier due to our commitment to quality, variety, and customer satisfaction. Whether you're a laboratory, university, or industry professional, our certified sieves will exceed your expectations.


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