About Us

CMT Equipment - Sieves.net.au supply certified and non certified test sieves to a variety of People, Industries, Companies, Universities and Government Departments around Australia.  We stock the largest range of 200mm, 300mm and 450mm diameter Stainless Steel sieves in Australia.

We also offer a cheap range of sieves to the general public; be it for gardening, seeds or DIY work around the house.  There's always an afforadable sieve for any application.

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For all Enquiries contact; sales@sieves.net.au

CMT Equipment is a leading supplier of Materials Testing Equipment. Soil, Concrete, Aggregate, Asphalt and Bitumen, Testing products are readily available for any materials testing laboratory.
CMT Site Labs were established in 2013. Fully equipped Annex/Site Laboratories ready to be shipped Australia or World Wide. Whilst only in it's infancy, CMT Site Labs have successfully helped out clients locally and overseas.
Sieves.net.au is your one stop shop for sieves.